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YLE TV1 Logo 1970-1987




1993–1998, 1998–2007 (secondary)


1998–2007 (primary)

YLE TV1 logo old
In August 1998, Yle TV1 redesigned its iconic on-screen logo by abandoning the white beams and leaving it only with the red screen that are still carrying the 1-numeral to the right, but the 1-numeral begins to get invisible, thus the red screen tunes up its red color and transforming to the square into a squircle.

2001–2012 (logo bug)

YLE TV1 Logo 2001-2012

Since 2001, the channel used the simple text logo alongside the previous primary logo on the channel. The logo could be spotted in elevator-themed idents and in 2005, it is being used as the channel's logo bug.


YLE TV1 logo
Easter 2007 saw Yle TV1's 1998 squircle-1-numeral logo getting confined to history and becomes replaced by a new logo that consists of a white swan on a blue background. The new logo consists of a blue square that has a white swan inside it and at the bottom of the blue square, there is a turquoise rectangle that carries the "|YLE|TV1" wordmark in it.

Yle TV1


With the introduction of Yle's new corporate logo on March 5, 2012, Yle TV1 adopted a new logo that consists of the Yle logo that are beside to the "TV1" wordmark. However, the channel's new look retains one of the old elements from its previous identity. Its new look consists of some blue coloured swans that are multiplied and flies around a snowy aurora screen.

In December 2012, the blue-coloured multiplying flying-swans were replaced by a new set of idents that consists of some blurying swans that moves around various angles on a plain background.

In March 2016, to coincide with Yle's 90th anniversary, and also Croatia's HRT's 90th anniversary, along with Azerbaijan's ADR's 90th anniversary, Yle TV1 replaced its December 2012 idents in favour of another new set of idents that consists of some turquoise underwater cubes that flies around various landscapes in Finland.