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Yahoo Logo 1994 Yahoo! 1995 logo Yahoo Logo Yahoo!
1994-1995 1995-2009 2009-2013 2013-present


Yahoo Logo 1994

First logo was simply black text in Times New Roman font. It was later changed.






In 1996 the logo became a simple wordmark without graphics, and would create the familiar logo that has been in existence since.

2002–2009; 2003–2013 (Japan)

Yahoo! 1995 logo

In June 2002, the logo was slightly changed, with new black shadows on the text, replacing the older gray color. This logo was introduced to Yahoo! Japan one year later, and is still being used today, with a slight moderation in 2013 (see below).


Yahoo Logo

This logo first appeared on the headquarters and on Yahoo! Messenger, but it wouldn't come into full effect in 2009 when the site received a revamp, entirely removing the old red color from 1995. The slogan used at that time was "It's Y!ou". It is still used on some portals. As of 2013, this is now being used as a secondary logo.

2013-present (Japan)


The logo for Yahoo! Japan was slightly altered in June 2013, removing the black borders and a changed 'JAPAN' text, but still keeping the classic look. The Japanese site is the only one that retains the classic and red logo.

2013 (prototypes)

From August 7 to September 4, Yahoo! was cycling through 30 different logos, with the finalized logo expected to launch on September 5.[1]



In 2013, Yahoo! premiered an entirely new logo. This was a finalized logo after 30 days of changing its logo. This logo is now used on all Yahoo! products, except Yahoo! Japan.

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