1999 - 2001

Winning Lines 1998 Logo Small

Winning Lines was first broadcast in the United Kingdom on the 12th June 1999. It was presented by Simon Mayo. The format was exported to America in 2000 and France in 2002 (as Le Numero Gagant), both of which used the original 1999 graphics.

Phillip Schofield took over the presenting role of the United Kingdom version from series 3 which was broadcast in 2001.

2002 - 2004

Winning Lines 2002 logo Small

The graphics of the United Kingdom version were modified in 2002 for Phillip Schofield's second series. This included a new title sequence with a revised logo. Most of the programme graphics were slightly altered. Much of the background music of round 1 was changed as well as other random sound effects.

Broadcast timeline

United Kingdom

Simon Mayo 1999 - 2000 (two series); Phillip Schofield 2001 - 2004 (four series); Total: six series.

United States of America

Dick Clark 2000; Total: 1 series.

France (Le Numero Gagnant)

Nagui 2001 - 2002; Total 1 series.