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The company was founded in 1930. This logo was used for thirty years from 1977.


Wilkinson logo

On December 11, 2008, Wilkinson ditched its existing branding and replaced it with One Touch, though it did not come into effect until January 2009. 

Designed by Jupiter Creative, the brand was showcased in new format stores in Thornaby, Northallerton, (which replaced a former Woolworths store), Sheffield, Leicester, Newton & Walton-on-Thames, as well as the Castle Douglas, Aycliffe, Motherwell & Clydebank stores in Scotland. Elements of the new brand have since been phased in more widely, including point of sale materials, carrier bags and a relaunched website.

Stores in Nottingham & Retford have also recently been converted to the new One Touch format.



Wilko logo

In 2015, the Wilko name was applied to the entire company.

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