Wiktionary logo

Original Wiktionary logo, still in use in 30 language editions of Wikitionary.

A vote on 26 April 2016 proposed a new logo for the English Wiktionary. The old logo got 14 votes for and 21 against, the book logo 23 for and 19 against, and the tiles logo 17 for and 19 against. No change to the logo occurred. However, a later vote on 29 May 2016 approved the change of the logo of the English Wiktionary edition after a 17-7 vote on 27 June 2016.



Alternate Wiktionary logo, in use on 135 language editions of Wikitionary.


WiktionaryEn - DP Derivative

Derivative of the above logo was uploaded originally by Wikimedia Commons user Dan Polansky on 30 April 2016. This is the current logo of the English Wiktionary since 27 June 2016, which replaced the original logo after a vote.