Nintendo Revolution

2004–2006 (pre-launch and E3)

Nintendo Revolution-logo

Wii was originaly called Nintendo Revolution in its pre-launch and E3 in 2004. The O's represent then-called Wii discs and Gamecube discs. It uses the same style from the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance logos.


2006–2013 (Japan), 2006–present (other countries)


In April 2006, shortly before Nintendo's E3 2006 conference, the Nintendo Revolution was renamed to Wii. The Nintendo Style Guide refers to the console as "simply Wii, not Nintendo Wii,"[1] making it the first console Nintendo has marketed outside Japan to not feature the company name in its trademark. The same wordmark is used for the Wii U logo.

The Wii wordmark uses a modified version of the Horatio typeface,[2] with the "W" being horizontally extended. The "ii," while resized to accomodate the changes found in the former character, remain unaltered.

Wii Mini


Wii mini logo


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