Classic is a common name given to Walkers classic style range of crisps. They are the standard thinly sliced potato crisps.


WalkersClassicReadySalted W6RS RS2007 Readysalted big Walkers Classically Ready Salted WalkersReadySalted2015
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2004 - 2006

2004 saw the start of a three year plan to reduce the amount of fat in the crisps. In 2004, the amount of saturated fat was reduced by 10%. A further 20% reduction occured in 2005. This was the last design to feature a variant of the classic Walkers logo which was first used, in a simpler form, in 1990.

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2006 - 2007

2006 saw a complete relaunch of the classic Walkers range. SunSeed oil was now used which reduced the saturated fat content by 70%. The SunSeed logo now featured on the packaging alongside a redesigned logo which was designed to be lively and create a more premium image. The Tomato Ketchup, Worcester Sauce and Pickled Onion flavours were withdrawn (except in Scotland, where the former two continued to be produced) in favour of Spicy Chilli, Lamb & Mint and Cheddar Cheese. The withdrawn flavours all later returned.

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2007 - 2011

In 2007, the packaging was once again redesigned, this time a more natural look was adopted. The three flavours introduced with the previous look were withdrawn in favour of Cajun Spice and the return of Worcester Sauce.

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2011 - 2013

Revised packaging was introduced in 2011. The core flavour range remained unchanged throughout this period.

2013 - 2015

In 2013, Walkers introduced a new packaging design in conjunction with its new campaign advertising the origin of its flavouring ingredients. Steak & Onion and BBQ Rib were withdrawn.


The previous packaging was updated in 2015.

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