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Channel 57 WWSG-TV Philadelphia



WGBS Philly 57 logo 1985


WGBS 1994

1995 (as WGBS UPN O&O (Philly) 57)

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UPN Philly 57

In January 1995, WGBS became an affiliate of the upstart United Paramount Network; the station briefly identified as "UPN Philly 57", before being shortened to simply "UPN 57".

WPSG (UPN O&O 57: 1995-2006)


WPSG 1995-1997 logo

In December 1995, WGBS changed its callsign to WPSG (for its then-new owners Paramount Stations Group, which purchased the station from Grant Broadcasting System a year earlier).




UPN logo

In September 2002, when the UPN network debuted a new on-air look, WPSG's on-air branding was changed to simply "UPN" for the 2002-2003 television season, before reverting back to "UPN 57" the following season.


WPSG 2001-2006 logo

This logo is similarly designed to some its sister stations, including then-sister station KAUT-TV where the UPN logo is placed over the channel position.

2006–present (as WPSG THE CW O&O PHILLY 57: 2006-Present)

Wpsg cw current

In September 2006, WPSG revived the old "Philly 57" moniker dropped sixteen years earlier (though many viewers still called the station by that name afterward) as part of the station's new branding as a CW owned-and-operated station, "The CW Philly 57", although on-air promotions refer to the station only as "The CW Philly."

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