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M6 Music


M6 Music logo

M6 Music was launched in March 1998.[1]



W9 logo

When television licenses were granted for the new digital terrestrial network (TNT), M6 Music was given a permission to broadcast for free.

On the terrestrial platform, the channels were assigned a pre-determined channel number. The seven historical analogue channels were given numbers 1 through 7, while the seven new channels would get numbers 8 through 14.[2] What exact number the new channels would get was chosen at random through a draw on December 7, 2004.[3] M6 Music was lucky enough to get number 9. This made M6 take the opportunity to rename the channel W9, which is M6 upside-down.[4]

W9 changed its name and launched on TNT on March 31, 2005. The launch identity was created by View.


W9 2010

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