Viva TV Logo 2000
Viva TV was launched in February 2000 as Primetime Sports and Entertainment block on IBC Channel 13 following after Viva Entertainment's acquisition of Vintage Sports. The logo was letter "V" is a symbol of the old Viva's 1981 logo, also added the Globe and also stylized as "vivatv" in the Tahoma font. the "Viva" word in Blue and the "TV" word in Yellow/Gold. In early 2003, Viva TV ended its airing on IBC after Viva decided not to renew a blocktime agreement with the network to air the block due to high programming costs and low ratings. Despite this, then before Star for a Night (Philippines) Grand finals, its last Viva TV-produced program was aired on IBC-13 on March 1, 2003.


My Little ITV
After 9 years hiatus, Viva TV went back On the Air in July 16, 2012. the network as the new 24 hour all-Filipino general Entertainment channel on Cable and Satellite. The logo was stylized as "viva" in the Harabara font. the "V" letter in Blue, the "I" letter from vertical the "!" letter in Yellow, another "V" letter in Green and the "A" letter in Red, it was similar the Current Viva's 2010 logo. While the network was also launched as the new slogan "Home of the Stars".