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TV6 Denmark


Tv6 ident 1993a
TV3+ Denmark was launched in March 1995 as TV6 Denmark which was a Danish version of TV6 Viasat. However, its first logo was short-lived and the Danish TV6 brand were also short-lived.

TV3+ Denmark


3+ logo original
In April 1996, TV6 Denmark was relaunched as TV3+ Denmark by adopting a new logo of a pure-red square with a white 3-numeral along with a yellow circle with a red plus-sign in it.


3+ Viasat
In 1999, to coincide with the launch of Viasat's new corporate logo, TV3+ Denmark changed its logo for the third time. This time, its third logo was a black ring that bears the "Viasat" wordmark along with a red square that bears the 3-numeral and a grey plus-sign.


TV3+ logo

A new on-air identity for TV3+ Denmark was launched in early 2004. It was created by English & Pockett.


TV3+ logo 2008

A new yellow logo was adopted on April 4, 2008.


TV3+ new logo 2016