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TV1000 ident 1989


TV1000 logo 1990

TV1000 adopted a new identity relatively soon after its launch. This basic logo would remain on the air in many incarnations for almost two decades (18 years, from 1991-2009)




TV1000 was adding a timeshift/sister channel to TV1000 called TV1000 Cinema or Just called Cinema. This was the first time they used the yellow-blue-white-black color in they logo, that whould last for 14 years from 1995-2009 with some minor change to the logo through the years .


TV1000 logo 2000
Last ned

Around the turn of the millennium, Viasat wanted their brand to be present in the logos of all their channels. That was achieved by adding a circle with the word "Viasat" in it to all logos. In late 2000, TV1000 and TV1000 Cinema (Cinema) added 6 channels: TV1000 1, TV1000 2, TV1000 3 and CINEMA 1, CINEMA 2, CINEMA 3.

Sister channels

TV1000 and TV1000 CINEMA (CINEMA) channels from 2000-2004:

TV1000 1
TV1000 2
TV1000 3
Cinema 1
Cinema 2
Cinema 3

Here is an old commercial for TV1000 and Cinema from 2000:]



TV1000 logo 2004

TV1000 went through a major overhaul on September 1, 2004 when TV1000 1,2,3 and Cinema 1,2,3 where replaced with TV1000, TV1000 Plus One , TV1000 Family, TV1000 Action, TV1000 Nordic and TV1000 Classic were launched, and Cinema was Removed. And TV1000 added a timeshift channel: TV1000 Plus One. TV1000 was replaced with TV1000 HD in 2008. But later in 2008 TV1000 was relaunched.

Sister channels

TV1000 channels from 2004-2009:

200px-TV1000 logo 2004.svg
TV 1000 HD gammel
TV1000 Plus One
200px-TV1000 Nordic logo 2004.svg
200px-TV1000 Family logo 2004.svg
200px-TV1000 Classic logo 2004.svg
200px-TV1000 Action logo 2004.svg

The logo remained mostly unchanged, but got its colours were finetuned. New idents were created by the Bristol-based company Olaus Roe.


TV1000 logo 2009

A new logo was introduced in Scandinavia on February 16, 2009. For the Eastern countries, it was introduced in December 8, 2009. The new look was produced by Design for Media and Communication. And a new TV1000 channel was launched in 2009 and was named TV1000 Drama. TV1000 +1 (Plus One) was closed down on August 1, 2010.

Sister channels

TV1000 channels from 2009-2012:

479px-TV1000 logo 2009
TV1000 HD logo
TV1000 1 logo 2009
477px-TV1000 Nordic 2009
477px-TV1000 Family 2009
478px-TV1000 Drama logo
477px-TV1000 Classic 2009
477px-TV1000 Action 2009


TV1000 4

Viasat Film


In November 2012, TV1000 was replaced by Viasat Film, and the old TV1000 channels just changes named: from TV1000 Action to Viasat Film Action...

And they was adding HD channels to almost all old TV1000 channels: TV1000 Action to Viasat Film Action and Viasat Film Action HD... but Viasat Film Classic has no HD channel.

In January 2014, Viasat removed Viasat Film Nordic HD channel, but it was still available as non-HD channel (SD channel) until April 23, 2014 when it was replaced with Viasat Film Comedy.

Close Downs and Channel(s) Replaces

Viasat Film Nordic was closed down in April 23, 2014 and replaced with Viasat Film Comedy.

Viasat Film (Not the brand name, just the channel) changed name to Viasat Film Premiere in November 10, 2015.

Viasat Film Classic was closed down in November 10, 2015 and replaced with Viasat Film Hits.

Viasat Film Drama and Viasat Crime were also closed down in November 10, 2015 and replaced with Viasat Series.

Sister channels

Here is the today's channels (as of November 2015):

Viasat Film premiere 2
150px-Viasat film actifon
Viasat series
Viasat Film Hits
150px-Viasat film fjamily
Last ned (3)
Viasat Series HD and Viasat Film Hits HD
Last ned (1)