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Before the TV Channel era, VideoRola Plus was an official mobile app with content of mexican regional music for mobiles, only available in the United States.

2016 - Present

VR Plus
There's not much information is available about this channel, there exists evidence that this channel started broadcasting since 2014, but at this time, there was no interest on the mexican pay TV operators on carry this channel, until September 9th of 2016, which Megacable replaced Bandamax on their programming grid with this channel.

This channel acts like a side music one, which broadcasts a wheel schedule that repeats three times a day of nonstop mexican regional music videos, differing from their main channel VideoRola.

The network is created on the new VideoRola's channel suite, also operated by Entretenimiento Satelital and PCTV, property of Megacable.

VR+ on screen bug.


Variant 1 of the logo with slogan


EPG logo


Christmas variant on-screen bug



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