Philippine Refining Company (PRC)


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Unilever Philippines (PRC)


Unilever PRC logo

In 1993, the company's name was formally changed from Philippine Refining Company (PRC) to Unilever Philippines (PRC), Inc., composed to create a triangle shape, with gold and platinum icon, this brand was developed as "Paglilingkod namin sa inyo".

Unilever Philippines


Unilever logo old

To unify and globalize the branding of the company, in 1997, Unilever Philippines (PRC) changed it's logo, alongside with the company name to simply Unilever Philippines. This logo was used in order to unify every Unilever company in multiple different countries into one single entity.


Unilever 2004

The company started using the current Unilever corporate logo starting May 11/July 1, 2004 and was designed by the brand consultancy Wolff Olins. It is composed of 25 icons woven together to create a U shape, then it was developed by slogan known as "Adds vitality to life" until 2010. Unilever logo will appear when peeling in the upper-right or lower-right corner on the end of a commercial of a Unilever brand. Nowadays, it was currently using the "ribbon" animation when the commercial ends, starting in 2011.