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1957-0 Ucvtv1959oficial UCV 1966 Ucvtv1968oficial 1980
1957-1959 1959-1968 1968-1970 1970-1980 1980-1991
Ucvtv1991oficial Ucvtv1997mejorado Ucvtv2003oficial Ucvtv2008oficial Ucvtvlogo2014mejorado
1991-1996 1996-2004 2004-2006 2006-2014 2014-present


The first logo of UCV Televisión consisted of a white rectangle with a classic architectural pillar on the left and right sides. Inside the rectangle appeared the letters "UCV-TV" with thin and straight strokes. Above the acronym was written the word "CHANNEL VIII" (representing the frequency used at that time) and below the letters appeared "VALPARAÍSO", both enclosed in a bordered rectangles


In 1959, for the purpose of the experimental programming, a logo in which appeared the acronym "UCV" in long letters similar to Impact. Underneath the letter "U" appeared the letters "TV" in lowercase, linked to each other by the lower sector of the letter "T". To the right of this one appeared "Canal 8" in handwritten letter


UCV 1966
Later in 1968 he was a television camera and next to it he said "CANAL TV 8" and below "UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE VALPARAÍSO, CHILE", surrounded by a gray semi-square curvature.


After the change of frequency in 1969, the logo of UCV Television is simplified to be a black square with the number "4" inside and under the letters UCV, both in Helvetica type. For the first Telethon, the logo used in the presentations was the UCV TELEVISION NETWORK, used since 1977, which consisted of a television screen contour with 3 black squares inside, which had the numbers 4, 5 And 8 (indicating the channel frequencies in Valparaiso, Santiago and La Serena, respectively). Underneath the squares appeared in bold RED UCV, and below this, the word TELEVISION with the same typography.


A blue outline that contains the UCV letters of thick strokes and sometimes intersected by several horizontal lines and are blue, although in some occasions they are multicolored and below the word TELEVISION in Helvetica typography.


In the early 90's, the channel underwent several changes to the logo. The first of them was with the letters UCV in cursive, orange and celestial tones and in typography Eras Bold; And below the letters, a dark blue rectangle with the word TELEVISION in Helvetica Black typography in white, inside the C there was a circle, but in 1994 the circle within the C was omitted.


Logo UCV Televisión (1999 - 2003)
At the end of the 1990s, in 1996, a new logo was used, which was occupied until 2004. The letters UCV, in rounded and thick strokes, are of celestial color, behind there are nine lines, between the last two is the word TELEVISION in Helvetica Italic type, in the letter "C" there is a globe and the letter "V" is stylized in check form. In 1999, it undergoes aesthetic changes: The letters UCV, in rounded and thick strokes, become a little narrower and of a medium blue color; The globe that is in the letter "C" is replaced by a simple circle; And the nine lines, the last two, which are above and below the word TELEVISION, become blue, while the other seven are eliminated.


Logo UCV Televisión (Sept. 2005 - Nov. 2006)
In 2004 its logo was changed by a square divided in four sections of different blue shades (blue, blue, navy blue and a bluish black), and on this the letters UCV in Helvetica Black and white typeface. Sometimes the word Television appeared on the lower right, to differentiate it from the logo that had UCV Radio, which was identical but had the word Radio in the upper left.

In 2005, the typography is changed to Helvetica Bold.


By the end of 2006, the logo was changed again to give way to a black circumference, with the letters "U"; A small white sphere with two quarters of a white circle, one above and another under it; And the letter "V" inside. Together they form the traditional UCV. It should be noted that this logo is similar in design to that used by the American chain ABC.

For 2009, the colors are changed, now the circle is yellow and the letters black.


The 4 of June of 2014 presents a new logo, consisting of a triangle scalene yellow mustard with letters UCV in typography similar to the state channel TV Peru of black color.

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