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Turner Classic Movies 1994

The original version of Turner Classic Movies' logo featured 30 different character designs that could be placed above the TCM "marquee", each representing a different movie category. This logo is no longer in full-time use, however it is still seen in the Open All Night bumpers for movies airing between 3-6 a.m. ET. Feature presentation bumpers for the Silent Sunday Nights and TCM Imports feature blocks on Sundays also carried this logo as well, but they both introduced new opening bumpers with the 2013 logo in 2014. If you can look closely, this logo is also still used on Adult Swim's daily sign-off sequence, which airs at 5:59 a.m. ET each morning. The logo was created by Minneapolis-based Charles S. Anderson Design Co.


TCM logo

In 2004, Turner Classic Movies simplified its logo by removing the characters.


TCM logo 2009


Turner Classic Movies 2013

In 2013, Turner Classic Movies received a new graphical identity. Following the footsteps of AMC, TCM changed its logo to a colored box – in this case, light blue – without a border. The new identity was designed by Ferroconcrete.

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