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In 1985, Charles Forte bought the US Travelodge operation and established in Britain. For the first six years, the logo was identical to the one used for US hotels. Many Travelodges were placed nearby Little Chef and Happy Eater restaurants, both of which were also owned by the Forte Group at the time.

Forte Travelodge


Forte Travelodge

The name was changed to Forte Travelodge in 1991 to keep in line with the other hotel brands owned by Forte.



Travelodge 1995

In 1995, Travelodge was taken over by Granada and were introduced to all Granada (later Moto) and Welcome Break motorway service stations. However, they have all since been removed from the latter. Travelodge Bar Cafes were also added to many town or city hotels.



Granada sold Travelodge in 2006 and they have started to appear next to Harvester and Toby Carvery restaurants. In 2009, Travelodge bought 52 Innkeeper's Lodge hotels from Mitchells and Butlers and in 2011, announced a deal with Waitrose to develop three joint sites in the UK.

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