Children's Discount Supermarts


1965 logo
Toys "Я" Us (pronounced as "Toys Are Us") was created in 1948 as Children's Discount Supermarts. Also, the logo was black and white. The "Я" character, found in many fonts, is of Cyrillic origin and normally indicates the "yah" sound in certain Eurasian languages.

Toys "R" Us






In 1975, the logo's typeface became smoother. Variants of this logo are shown below:


Toys R Us 1986

In 1986, the logo's color scheme was finalized with the T in red, the O in orange, the Y in green, the first S in purple, the backwards R in yellow, the U in green and the second S in red.


Toys R Us 1997

On September 1, 1998, the 1986 logo was modified to add a yellow star outline surrounding the backwards R with the star becoming blue one year later.


Toys R Us

The logo was once again changed in September 22, 2007 with a red letter "s" by replacing the pink letter "s" with alternating sized characters and a star in the middle of the reverse R. The letter R was changed from yellow to blue (though the star in the previous logo is sometimes yellow, letter R blue). On March 15th, 2018, due to bankruptcy, Toys "R" Us announced that they are going out of business, shut down its online platform, and all 800 of their stores in the United States will be closing soon.