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TOTP 1964 Logo

This version was created to mark the shows move to Televison Centre in London in early 1966.



First logo following the transition to colour.


TOTP Logo before 1974.svg

Soon the logo was altered slightly by letting after 1971 when the Old Grey Whistle Test made it's debut.


Totp logo before 1986

This 1970's logo was to last a total of 13 years on the show. This logo is perhaps the most enduring Top of the Pops logo which used with the theme tune, Led Zeppelin's "Whole lotta Love" based on the CCS release. In 1981, to mark the show's 900th episode, a new signature tune was created: "Yellow Pearl" by Phil Lynott. This saw the logo re-used to a new opening sequence seen below...


022 (2)

This was used with the 'Flying Disc' opening sequence from July 1981 to March 1986. The titles was changed slightly in May 1983 to mark the 1000th show.


Top of the pops logo late 1980's and early 1990's

Easter 1986 saw the new improved logo with Paul Hardcastle's "The Wizard" commissioned as a new Top of the pops theme tune between 1986 and 1991. This logo was one of the shortest used on the show as on Christmas day 1988 we saw its last airing. A new logo was designed to mark the 25th Birthday of the show in January 1989. Paul Hardcastle's 'The Wizzard' was still used until September 1991. This logo was also used for the short lived American incarnation of the series in 1987.


Top ofthe pops1989


Top of the pops logo between 1992 and 1995

Top of the Pops was overhauled with Children's BBC in Autumn 1991. The Show was moved to Elstree Studios and this new era was marked 'Year Zero'. The format changed and for the first time Radio 1 DJs no longer presented the show. A new team were brought it. Mark Franklin & Tony Dorite remained the main two presenters until January 1994. 1994 also saw Top of the Pops 2 debut on TV.


TOTP 1995 Logo

A new planet shaped logo was adopted on 17 September 1994 when Top of the Pops 2 debuted on BBC2 but This logo wasn't seen on BBC1 until February 1995 when "Red Hot Pop" was commissioned as the new theme music and became the favourite Top of the Pops logo of the mid-90's.


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In May 1998 a year after the BBC's new logo arrival Top of the Pops made a look to kick-start the 2000's with the logo set in coloured shapes with the return of the old theme from the 60's and 70's known as Led Zeppelin's "Whole lotta Love" for a modern remix. This logo changed into a more 3d effect after Christmas 2001.


300-totp logo

The show was canceled in 2006 but continued to have Christmas specials and also still has an ongoing magazine.