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Toon Disney (first era)


Logo disney-ToonDisney1998

Toon Disney's first logo was based around Disney Channel's 2nd (1997-2002) logo. It would normally have a character from a Toon Disney show pop out from the screen, which leaves most of the screen in this logo shattered. For other characters of this logo, see Toon Disney/Other.

Toon Disney Channel (first era)


Toon Disney Channel

An updated logo was introduced in 2001, still using Disney Channel's "TV screen" logo, but this time, the letters from the word "TOON" are arranged in a "bouncy" manner, replacing the curved ''TOON'' and superimposed on the TV screen's ears. The "Disney" wordmark is also much larger here. This logo was used in tandem with the previous one until September 1, 2002.

Toon Disney (second era)

2000–2003 (International)

In 2000, Toon Disney has expanded to be available in some other countries outside the United States. This logo shown above for Toon Disney in the United Kingdom. It has the same look as Disney Channel International (with the "Circles" logo instead of the "Mickey Mouse TV" design used in the United States), except that it generally uses a few two-tone color schemes as opposed to its parent channel's (usually) blue and red color scheme. The on-screen bug has the "TOON" logo appearing on the bottom of the logo.

Toon Disney Channel (second era)


Toon disney channel
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This logo was introduced in 2004, to keep in line with Disney Channel's branding at the time. This logo was used up until 2005, but was still shown on bumpers and promos for Jetix around the time.

Toon Disney (third era)

2005–2009 (USA), 2003–2011 (International)

Toon Disney

The logo was given different colors in 2005, mainly a color palette of black, red, and yellow colors. This logo was used for international channels starting on 15th March 2003 before rolling out on the United States.

On February 13th, 2009, Toon Disney and Jetix were defunct and replaced by Disney XD. Most of the European versions (notably UK, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal) were replaced by Disney Cinemagic during 2006-2007. The last Toon Disney channel in the world--the Italian one--was replaced by Disney Channel +2 and Disney XD +2 in October 2011.