Thomas Cook 1880

Introduced in 1880, the globe symbol appeared on a handful of brochure covers in the late 19th century. Its use became more widespread after 1900 and it also featured on the cover of 'The Traveller's Gazette', Thomas Cook's monthly travel magazine, from 1902.


Thomas Cook 1914

A fifth continent, Australasia, was added to the ribbons around the globe in 1914, to reflect Thomas Cook’s expanding global business.


Thomas Cook 1928

A fifth ribbon was added to the globe symbol in 1928, and "Cook's Tours" became "Cook's Travel Service".


Thomas Cook 1930

The simpler TC&S (i.e. Thomas Cook & Son) symbol replaced the globe in 1930. It was mainly used on Thomas Cook's Continental brochures during the 1930s.


Thomas Cook 1935

The ship logo and "Cook's For Travel" slogan were introduced in the mid-1930s. They appeared chiefly on Thomas Cook's British brochures and publicity material.


No operations during the Second World War.


Thomas Cook 1947

Introduced after World War Two, this symbol combined the scallop shell emblem of pilgrims with the winged helmet of Mercury, Messenger of the Gods. A globe was also included for good measure. This logo featured on company letterheads and shop windows rather than brochure covers...although it did sometimes appear within brochures.


Thomas Cook 1947 2

This strapline was also introduced after the Second World War. It was used - in various colours and typefaces - on the front covers of our brochures until the mid-1950s.



The word "Cooks" - again in various colours and typefaces, but without an apostrophe - appeared on our brochure and marketing literature from the mid-1950s until the early 1970s.


Thomas Cook 1974

A new corporate identity - the words "Thomas Cook" in "flame red" - was adopted for the first time in 1974.


Thomas Cook 1989

In 1989, with the growth of the Thomas Cook Group's prominence, a consistent standard was required. The revised identity, launched in October 1989, saw the introduction of the red brick logo and a standard Thomas Cook Red.


Thomas Cook 2001

In 2001, following the acquisition of Thomas Cook by Condor & Neckermann, a new logo was introduced, combining the Thomas Cook name with the blue and yellow (representing sea and sun) "holiday" colours of C&N.


Thomas Cook 2013

In October 2013, the Thomas Cook Group of companies unites for the first time in its history under one identifier the 'Sunny Heart'.