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IMG 0061

This logo was used only on tickets and the unreleased drummer tape from 1990


IMG 0645

This logo was used for there uniforms from earlier raves then later left as a sticker in their catalogue till 1996.

1991-1993, 1996, 2001 (Expanded, US), 2008 (Expanded, UK)


From their singles, such as Charly, Everybody In the Place, Fire / Jericho, Out Of Space, and Wind It Up (Rewound), and their first album, Experience. It made a surprise appearance in the expanded edition of Experience, titled Experience: Expanded, released in June 19, 2001 in US and in August 4, 2008 in UK.


IMG 0056

1994-1996, 2008

IMG 0102

This logo is the bulgy version of the previous logo.

From their singles, such as One Love, No Good (Start the Dance), Voodoo People, and Poison, and their second album, Music for the Jilted Generation. It was made a surprise appearance in its re-release, More Music for the Jilted Generation.


IMG 0640

This is the first logo to use the "Ant" logo as the main symbol. This logo was only used for merchandise and the title of electronic punks.

IMG 0642

This is the smaller version of the logo.

1996-2004, 2012

IMG 0643

From their singles, such as Firestarter, Breathe, and Smack My B***h Up, and their third album, The Fat of the Land. It was made a surprise appearance in its 2012 Reissue Bonus EP, The Added Fat EP.

February 22, 1999


From Prodigy Present: The Dirtchamber Sessions Volume One.



From Baby's Got a Temper.



From their singles Girls, Hotride and Spitfire.



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