The Price is Right (first era)


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The UK version of the American gameshow The Price is Right began broadcasting on the 24th of March 1984. The original version was hosted by Leslie Crowther. The series caused controversy due to the value of the prizes exceedingly the IBA limit and the perceived lack of skill needed on the Big Wheel used during the Showcase Showdown. This logo was reused for a 2005 Gameshow Marathon special which celebrated fifty years of ITV gameshows.

The New Price is Right


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ITV axed the format in 1988 as it had believed the viewing public would become bored with it. The following year British Sky Broadcasting bought the rights to the format and produced another series (branded as The New Price is Right), presented by Bob Warman. The Big Wheel made a return. BSkyB then ceased production on the series.

Bruce's Price is Right



In 1995, Bruce Forsyth persuaded Yorkshire Television to buy the rights to the format, which they did. Bruce Forsyth then became the host. Like the Sky version, all programmes in this version were thirty minutes long whereas the original version was an hour long. There were no longer any prize limits so despite the shorter running time, the value of the prizes exceeded that of the previous versions.

The Price is Right (second era)


The Price is Right UK 2006
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After a five year gap, The Price is Right returned with Joe Pasquale as the host. Unlike the previous versions, this version was a broadcast in the late daytime hours. The programme was originally half an hour long but was later extended to an hour following a similar format the original version, only contestants from the first half who didn't play a pricing game are eliminated and a new set of contestants are introduced. This version ended in 2007 due to low ratings.


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