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The CNN Quiz Show: Presidents Edition


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The CNN Quiz Show Presidents Edition
  • Originally aired on February 16, 2015; this was the first game show aired on CNN of its kind also this special aired on Presidents Day at the time.

The CNN Quiz Show: The Seventies Edition


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The CNN Quiz Show The Seventies Edition
  • Originally aired on June 8, 2015; this special coincides with the documentary series called The Seventies (which debuted June 11, 2015) also its the first time that this special has aired in the same year as its "Presidents Edition" before it.

The CNN Quiz Show: TV Edition


The CNN Quiz Show TV Edition
  • Originally aired on September 7, 2015 during Labor Day.

The CNN Quiz Show: Famous Americans Edition


The CNN Quiz Show Famous Americans Edition
  • Originally aired on December 13, 2015.

The CNN Quiz Show: Race For The White House


The CNN Quiz Show Race For the White House
  • Originally aired on February 21, 2016; Formerly February 15, 2016 but was pushed back later on.

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