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NetworkTen Ten HD 2007-09 Ten HD 2016
2002–2007 2007–2009 2016–present

Ten (HD simulcast)



Network Ten launched a high definition simulcast of its main channel in 2002. The channel had no unique branding, instead re-using Network Ten's branding.

Ten HD


Ten HD 2007-09

Ten's high definition simulcast was relaunched as Ten HD in December 2007, featuring its own logo and branding. From its relaunch until January 2009 it featured unique breakaway programming separate from Ten's main channel. In March 2009, Ten HD was discontinued and replaced by One HD (now One).

Ten SD2 (2007–2009)


To allow viewers with non-HD televisions to access Ten HD's breakaway programming, a standard definition simulcast was launched on channel 11 called Ten SD2. It's logo mirrored the logo of Ten HD, except with "SD" instead of "HD" and with a big number 2 next to the logo. Ten SD2 was replaced by One SD, a standard definition simulcast of One HD.


Ten HD 2016

Ten HD was restored as a high definition simulcast of Ten on 2 March 2016 on channel 13. As a result, One was reduced to a standard definition broadcast.

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