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2005-2007 2007-2011 2011-present


Telecanal 2005
Its first logo was a series of spheres joined of blue, purple, red, orange and lemon green that formed a curve. Also, next to it, the letters tc were located in lowercase and greenish yellow. Below these, was the legend TeleCanal, also in italics and black.


The former logo replaced the spheres by circles of the same colors as the previous logo, but one of the circles changes the orange to the lemon-green color (the same color as the letters). The letters tc remain lowercase, but occupy another typeface. The telecanal legend is the same color as the letters above with Trebuchet MS typography.


The current logo consists of the green letters T and C, the T appears cut by simulating a leaf, the other half remaining as an arch is positioned above the C. Below is the text "telecanal" with ITC Bauhaus Light typography with the motto "Tele" orange color and the motto "channel" green color.