Tap The Frog is a speed-testing skill game developed by Playfo (Mentals, LLC) and published by Playmous.

Tap The Frog: Doodle (first game)

Tap The Frog Doodle

Originally released in 2011 for iOS as Tap The Frog and renamed Tap The Frog: Doodle in November 2012 to avoid the usage of Tap The Frog name which is currently used by the sequel. In 2013, this game is also released for Android.

Tap The Frog (sequel)

Tap The Frog

Originally released in 2011 as Tap The Frog 2 and renamed simply Tap The Frog in November 2012 and the "Doodle" word has added to the first game. This sequel game is released for iOS followed by Android in 2013 and Windows Phone in the end of 2013.