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This was the first logo when it launched in June 28th 2007

2010–June 2012

TV Live 2010

In October 2010 the font changed a bit


June, 4-17 2012

TV Live 2012(1)

This logo was short lived and was only used for two weeks

June, 18 2012- September 2014

TV Live 2012(2)

September 2014-June 2015

TV Live 2014

June-November 2015

TV Live 2015

November 2015– March 2016

TV Live 2016

March–July 2016

TV Live 2016(2)

July 2016-present

July 2016-March 2017


On July 3rd 2016 TV Live got a new site and new logo

March 2017-present

March-April 2017

TV Live 2017

April 2017-present

TV Live 2017 2

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