TV 2 Plus

2003-2004 (pre-launch)

TV2 Zebra's pre-launch logo as TV2 Plus Norway from 2003
Prior to the launch from 24 January 2004, TV 2 Zebra was first originally announced in 2003 as TV 2 Plus which was proposed to be a spin-off channel for TV 2 Norway, but the name was unsuccessful, so they had decided instead that they would rename the channel to TV 2 Xtra.

TV 2 Xtra


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After its announcement in 2003, a year gets passd later to 2004, and with it, TV 2 Xtra was successfully launched. Upon its launch, it was originally a sports channel, but later, it will soon be relaunched as a entertainment channel from 2005, because its first logo is short-lived.

TV 2 Zebra


TV 2 Zebra

On 5 September 2005, TV 2 Xtra was renamed to TV 2 Zebra and were relaunched into a entertainment channel. At the same time, it introduced a new look and a new logo along with new programs and new schedules.



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TV 2 Zebra 2013

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