TV 2 Denmark original logo

TV 2 Denmark's logo was designed by Finn Hjernøe.

  • Youtube - TV 2 premiere 1988-10-01
  • Youtube - TV 2 closedown 1990-04-08


TV2 Denmark logo 1993

In 1993, TV 2 Denmark changed its graphical look by changing the 1988 logo's colour into brown and it gets placed inside a gold italic-retangle. The new logo was launched sometimes during the 1993/1994 season.


TV 2 original boxed logo

In the spring of 1998, TV 2 Denmark ended the usage of its golden logo and were eventually started to put the TV 2 Denmark logo inside a pure-red rectangle.


TV2 Denmark logo 2000

In early 2000, TV 2 Denmark upgraded its 1998 logo with a modified on-air look that makes the 1998 logo become recoloured into blue.


TV2 Denmark logo 2002

In the autumn of 2002, TV 2 Denmark received a final update of its 1998 logo that changes the color into black and along with it, the channel launched the final set of idents that consists of colour signals flashing in various different ways.



TV 2 Denmark.svg

On 1 September 2004, TV 2 Denmark got a new minimalist look and a new logo which shows the symbol itself which is simplified slightly at the same time. However, the logo is similar to its 1998 logo.


TV2 logo 2009

A new look for TV 2 Denmark was launched on 18 September 2009.[3] This time, the logo remained the same, but would now be presented in a red colour and shiny material.


TV 2 Danmark logo 2012

This very short-lived was used by TV 2 Denmark for only a short time of 22 months from 1 January 2012 to 4 October 2013.

On New Years Day 2012, TV 2 Denmark introduced a new logo as the rectangle changes its color from red into black. With it, the channel launched a new graphic package with an updated version of its 2009 look that contains new sound effects and a new theme music as well as a new set of idents, but however, this identity was short-lived for only 22 months from January 2012 to October 2013.


TV 2 logo 2013

A new look was launched on October 5, 2013, to coincide with TV 2 Denmark's 25th anniversary. The rectangle was dropped, but the red color was retained. This looks like 1988 logo.