TVR 3 (2008-2010)


TVR 3 (2010-2013)


TVR 3 (2013-.n.v.)

This rebrand started after TVR3 aired a program containing anti-Semitic text on December 5, 2013. At that time, the "R" and digit three were turned green as the channel was also known as TVR3 Verde at the time. On a statement regarding that program, TVR3 said that it distanced itself from the broadcast, and only chose songs that Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture chose, belonging to the eastern Romanian county of Cluj.

As of 2017, this is still used as a secondary logo.


TVR 3 Logo 2017

At April 1, 2017, the number "3" changed from green to silver as it matches to TVR1 and TVR2. The old 2013 logo is still used as a secondary logo.