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A Quatro


TVI Quatro

TVI was launched as A Quatro (despite TVI being its corporate name) in 20th February 1993, as a joint-venture between the Portuguese Catolic Church and various national and international media companies, including Rádio Renascença, Editorial Verbo, Antena 3, Compagnie Luxembourgeoise de Radiodiffusion, Sonae, Yorkshire Television and SBS Broadcasting Group.




A Quatro was relaunched as TVI in 1994.


Logo tvi

TVI's logo was changed in 1995.



In 1996, TVI changed its logo. This time with the silver ball with the colorized "i" on it.


TVI logo

In September 2000, TVI gave a major change to its logo. This time the yellow "i" is with the red and blue curves that are around the i, and with the words "tvi" on the right side.


Logo tvi v4

On February 20, 2014, in its 21st birthday, TVI renewed its image as well all the channel idents, but keeping the format of the previous logo. Dispite the new logo, TVI still uses the old logo at times.


TVI 2017

On TVI's 24th anniversary, they launched a completely new logo in line with its thematic channels. The new logo which replaces the one used since 2000, has the TVI letters joined together and with colors below highlighted by a slanted line. While the symbol used since 2000 was discarded, it still appears in TVI's idents and its colors of red, yellow, and blue, albeit in different shades, continue to live on as the colors highlighted by the slanted line below.


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