TV6(first era)


Tv6 ident 1993a

TV6 Norway was launched in 1995 from Kinnevik Group (as a women channel), but it was found out short-lived for 2 years from 1995 to 1996. In July 1996, TV6 Norway was shut down and were replaced by a Norwegian version TV3+ Viasat called TV3+ Norway.



3 logo original
In July 1996, TV6 Norway was replaced by a TV3+ Norway which is a Norwegian version of TV3+ Viasat. Unfortunately, the channel found out short-lived for 3 months and were sadly closed down for good in October 1996 that same year.

Saddened by its bankruptcy, the channel was discontinued for 17 years from October 1996 until November 2013 when the station was relaunched as the new TV6 Norway.

TV6 (second era)


Tv6 norway web

In November 2013, TV6 Norway was revived and were relaunched from MTG (Modern Times Group). With this relaunch, the channel got a new logo which was a turquoise sphere that contains a circle-6-numeral at it.


Tv6no 2
In November 2016, TV6 Norway launched a new logo that was a flat circle coloured teal and are having the circle-6-numeral becoming modified with a new design.