1985-1986 (pre-launch)

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TV6 France was originally announced in 1985 as RTL6. Its pre-launch logo was a purple rectangle that contains the "RTL" wordmark at the top with the 6-numeral appears at the bottom of the "RTL" wordmark.

TV6 France



In 1986, RTL6 was renamed to TV6 France which was the predecessor of M6. With it, the channel was officially launched on March 1, 1986, with its first logo being three shapes that are a blue square that contains a turqouise "T" with two small red squares, and a orange upside-down triangle that contains a pink-yellow "V" with a small red triangle, and also a green circle that contains a basic-blue "6" with a small red circle. This logo is short-lived

By March 1, 1987, TV6 France was replaced by M6.