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In 1999, the word "Viasat" was added at the bottom of the logo.



This version of the TV3 logo was introduced in 2000. The blue and yellow version of the logo was however never used on screen, instead it appeared as a metallic grey.

Even after the plain TV3 logo was introduced in 2002, this version was still used in print and online for a few years more.


TV3 (2002-2009)

TV3 used primarily computer animated graphics until the autumn 2002, when they launched an orange and black graphics package featuring live action footage. This package was produced by Visual Art. It was used along with the slogans Het Höst ("Hot Autumn", in Swedish) and Minden lehetséges ("Everything's possible", in Hungarian).

Another graphics package, now featuring white an a primary colour was launched in January 2003. This package was also produced by Visual Art, who remained with TV3 producing several similar ident packages for the channel until 2006.

A new graphics package, with idents created by OPIUM effect, was launched in 2006. The idents would start with live action fottage of a regular scene, and tilt nine degrees at the end to reveal the logo. The new package was therefore called "Nine Degrees".[2][3]

Around 2008, the idents were replaced by new computer-animated ones, partly due to the fact that the Scandinavian TV3 channels were switching to widescreen broadcasting and the original idents weren't adapted for this.

2009-2012 (Slovenia), 2009-2014 (Hungary), 2009-2013 (Latvia, Lithuania and Denmark), 2009-2015 (Estonia), 2009-2011 (Norway)

TV3 logo 2009
TV3 Baltics 2009

In the autumn of 2009, the TV3 channels adopted a new look, created by Design for Media and Communication. In Slovenia, Hungary, Estonia and Denmark, the channels got a purple entertainment-focused look. Latvia and Lithuania, went for red look with the same logo.

This logo is used only in Estonia. Lithuania got two kinds of logos.

Launch dates when channels got new logos:

  • August 3, 2009: Norway was the first country to adopt the new purple entertainment-focused logo.[4]
  • August 24, 2009: Lithuania was the first country to adopt the new red entertainment-focused logo.
  • August 27, 2009: Estonia got the same purple entertainment-focused logo as Norway does.
  • August 31, 2009: Denmark got also the same purple entertinament-focused logo as Estonia and Norway does.
  • September 1, 2009: Slovenia got also the same purple entertainment-focused logo as Denmark, Estonia and Norway does.[5]
  • September 7, 2009: Sweden got a new separate black rebrand logo.
  • September 25, 2009: Latvia got the same red entertainment-focused logo as Lithuania does.
  • October 1, 2009: Hungary was the last country to adopt the purple entertainment-focused logo just like Slovenia, Denmark, Estonia and Norway does.
  • August 1, 2011: Norway got a new separate yellow entertainment-focused logo.
  • May 15, 2013: Denmark got a new pink entertainment-focused logo
  • September 2, 2013: Latvia adopted a minor update of its 2009 logo, by removing the text "VIASAT" from their logo.
  • September 2, 2013: Lithuania got the same separate yellow entertainment-focused logo as Norway does.
  • April 16, 2014: Hungary got the same pink entertainment-focused logo as Denmark does.
  • September 9, 2015: Estonia got a new violet entertainment-focused logo.
  • September 1, 2016: Norway got a new orange entertainment-focused logo.

2009-present (Sweden)

TV3 Sweden 2009

On September 7, 2009, Sweden got a separate rebrand, created by Trollbäck & Company.

2011-2016 (Norway) 2013-present (Lithuania)

TV3 logo 2011
On August 1, 2011, Norway got a separate logo which was yellow.[6]

On September 2, 2013, Lithuania got the same look as Norway.

2013-present (Latvia)

Celebrating their 15th year birthday, They changed logo, also they removed "VIASAT" word from logo.

Tv3lv logo new web

2013-present (Denmark) 2014-present (Hungary)

Viasat tv3 hu
VIASAT3 új arculat01:04

VIASAT3 új arculat

2015-present (Estonia)


In September of 2015, TV3 in Estonia started using a new logo.

2016-present (Norway)

Tv3 big ny logo

In September of 2016, TV3 in Norway started using a new "flat" logo, same as TV3 Lithuania.