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Tv3 logo1983

TV3 was launched on September 10, 1983. Its first logo was created by Ogilvy. Its identity signs were the catalan flag, the number 3 and the word "Catalunya".


TV3 Catalunya 1993

In 1993, TV3 introduces a new logo designed by Josep M. Trias. A new element is introduced to the logo: a triangle formed by four red bars, with the purpose to represent Catalonia.


Tv3 logo2005

In 2005, TV3 decided to renew its graphic identity and strengthen the presence of the number 3. With the new image, the main identity signs of the TV3 brand (the number 3 and the four red bars) were maintained and strengthened. The number 3 differs slightly to make it appear symmetrical. The new identity was developed by Gédéon.

Special logos


TV3 logo20anys

Logo used to celebrate the 20th anniversary of TV3.


TV3 logo25anys

Logo used to celebrate the 25th anniversary of TV3.

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