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TV-Avisen is the flagship news programme of the Danish public television channel DR1.


TV Avisen intro 1969

TV-Avisen first introducing for danish news since 15/10/1965.


TV Avisen intro 780817

TV-Avisen start for new set in 1977.


TV-Avisen logo
TV-Avisen logo 1983

TV-Avisen were late in introducing colour broadcasts and was the last DR progamme to do so. When the switch was finally made in 1978, it had a new intro.

On October 8, 1983, TV Avisen moved from the old radio building "Radiohuset" in central Copenhagen to the purpose built television building called "TV-Byen". They got a new studio with the move, but the old introductional jingle was kept.


Dr tv avisen 1987a

In 1987, TV-Avisen got a 3D look.


TV Avisen intro 1989

In 1988, TV-Avisen for the TV 2 News the light of day,and thus ceased it monopoly on television news.


TV Avisen intro 1994

In 1994, New time changed once again, this time to the current time at. 18.30 and 21.00, while the concept Nyhedstimen unveiled news, weather forecast, current magazine and a game of sports news.


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Dr tv avisen 1999a

In 1999, TV Avisen is a fresh new look.


Dr tv avisen 2001a

In 2001, TV Avisen just redesign the new title.


TV Avisen intro 2004

On August 16, 2004, TV Avisen got a new look. It featured colourful graphics with much red, blue and green. They also modified the logo, which resembles the original logo.


Dr tv avisen 2006a

On November 19, 2006, TV Avisen and DR's television channels moved from the old TV-Byen to the new headquarters called DR-Byen. At the same time, the programme got a new look. The colourful graphics from the old look were replaced by a more consistent look which heavily featured red and orange colours. The music was also all new. They also switched to 16:9 widescreen format.



On September 15, 2010, all news programmes in DR1 moved to a common studio. This also included a new look for TV Avisen.