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Sci-Fi Channel UK

When the Sci-Fi Channel first launched in the United Kingdom, its visual identiy was very similar to its U.S. counterpart, using the same logos and much of the same graphics.



Sci-Fi UK logo 1999

A new look for the International versions of the Sci Fi Channel was introduced on November 2, 1998. At the same time, the channel was renamed Sci-Fi. The new look was created by Hobbins Sides.



Sci Fi UK logo

A new look, that was more in line with the US channel, was introduced for the UK channel in April 2004. [2][3]

2005-2010 (France), 2008-2012 (Australia), 2008-2010

Sci Fi UK logo 2007

Syfy Universal


Syfy Universal

Starting in early 2010, the international versions of the Sci Fi Channel started rebranding as Syfy Universal.

  • The French version was renamed Syfy Universal on January 5, 2010.[4]
  • The Spanish version became Syfy Universal on March 3, 2010.[5]
  • The Benelux version became Syfy on March 5, 2010.[6][7]
  • The UK version of Sci Fi became Syfy on April 13, 2010.[8][9]
  • The Spanish version became Syfy on June 7, 2010.[10]
  • The German Sci Fi Channel followed on September 20, 2010.[11]
  • The Latin America version was renamed SyFy on October 10, 2010
Sci Fi Universal
  • The word Syfy means syphilis in Polish, so the name wasn't introduced in Poland. Instead, the Polish Sci-Fi Channel was renamed Sci Fi Universal on October 10, 2010.[12] (See Sci Fi Universal)
  • The Australian version was renamed "SF" on July 23, 2012. In December 31st, 2013, SF ceased operation and replaced by Syfy. (See SF (Australia))



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