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Sci-Fi Channel UK Sci Fi logo 1999 Sci Fi 2002 Syfy logo Syfy (2017)
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Sci-Fi Channel


Sci-Fi Channel UK

Syfy was originally launched as the Sci-Fi Channel on September 24, 1992. Its original visual identity borrowed heavily from classic films and cliches of the genre.

Sci Fi


Sci Fi logo 1999

Sci-Fi Channel was renamed as Sci Fi in March 1999.


Sci Fi 2002

A new look for Sci Fi was launched on December 2, 2002 with the launch of the miniseries Taken. The new look was created with help from Lambie-Nairn of London. The channel also rolled out the slogan "If", spelled with the first "I" and the "F" of the channel name.



Syfy logo

On March 16, 2009, NBCUniversal announced that Sci Fi would be rebranded as Syfy; its reason for this decision was that the term "Sci Fi" was considered too nebulous to be trademarked, as it was a descriptor for the overall genre. This is empathized by the abandonment of the planet motif.

The new name was rolled out on screen on July 7, 2009. The on-air-look for the channel was developed by the London-based studios Proud Creative and ManvsMachine.


Syfy (2017)

A new logo was revealed on May 11, 2017 and was put into effect on June 19, 2017.