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Föreningssparbanken logo

In February 1997, Sparbanken Sverige and Föreningsbanken announced that they were going to merge to form Föreningssparbanken.

The logo was created by Lars Hall and presented to the public in September 1997. It combines to logos of the two banks as well as the 19-letter name into a copper coin. In the center we see Sparbanken's old oak symbol and three sheafs to represent Föreningsbanken.


Swedbank logo

The bank has used the name Swedbank for its International activities since 1983. A failed attempt to merge Föreningssparbanken with SEB in 2001 was called "SEB Swedbank".

In 2006, the bank had come to the point when they were ready to introduce the name Swedbank for corporate and domestic purposes. The namechange was officially made on September 8, 2006. The coin was kept, but was redesigned and had the sheafs removed.


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