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This logo first appeared on the self-released sleeve of "HotStepper".



This logo first appeared on the cover of their mixtape "The Stooshtape" and on the promotional single sleeve "Betty Woz Gone", both in 2011. And it appeared on the sleeve for their first official single "Love Me" in 2012.



This logo appeared twice in 2012 on the sleeves for "Black Heart" and "Waterfalls". It might have been the logo for their debut album "Swings and Roundabouts" which was held back (see below).



This logo was supposed to be for their debut self-titled album "Stooshe" originally "Swings and Roundabouts" but was held back yet again (see below). The logo was never used.


Stooshe-logo orig (2)

This logo appeared three times in 2013, first as the logo for their forth official single "Slip", then two weeks later for the release of their highly anticipated debut album "London With The Lights On", and then for their fifth official single and forth from the album ("Waterfalls" is a non-album single), "My Man Music".


Stooshe Logo 2015-2016

This logo appeared on the art work for their first single from their second album, "Lock Down" in 2016 (but the artwork was released in 2015), and on the cover of the second single "Let It Go".

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