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BET Movies: Starz! 3


BET Movies Starz!

An alternate logo was used identifying the channel as "BET Movies: Starz! 3".

Black Starz!


Black Starz

In 2001, BET Movies: Starz! rebranded as "Black Starz", after BET opted out the joint venture with Starz to operate the channel, following BET's purchase by Viacom.

Starz InBlack


Starz InBlack 2005

On March 28, 2005, New logos of Starz came on air, Starz Kids & Family, Starz HD, Starz Entertainment, Starz Comedy, Starz Media and Starz Edge. In the same day or following day, Black Starz was rebranded as "Starz InBlack", as part of a rebrand of the entire family of Starz multiplex channels.

Starz in Black


Starz inBlack

In 2008, Starz in Black introduced a new logo, as part of a major rebrand of the Starz channels.


Starz In Black 2016

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