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1961-1972 (Worldwide), 2012-present (Japan)

Sprite logo 60s 1

Sprite logo 60s 2


Sprite logo 1980

In 1972, Sprite change its font and the text became green. In 1978, the orange star was changed into orange dot.



The "double-lemon" symbol was added over the I in 1984. Relaunch with a more cleaner design.


Sprite logo 1992

In 1988, Sprite changed its font and added the lines on the background.

1994-2002 (International), 1994-2006 (North America)

Sprite logo old

In 1994, Sprite was relaunched with new and edgier graphics. They also dropped the words "Great Lymon Taste" from the can. The new design was launched with an urban-themed campaign and the slogan "Obey Your Thirst". After Sprite changed its logo in 2002 internationally, this logo was continued to use in the United States and Canada until 2006. This logo still seen on some glass bottles.

Sprite can

Alternate logo

Sprite Logo

2002-2005 (International)


In 2002, Sprite jazzed up the logo with new font that used outside North America.

2005-2009 (International)

Sprite logo

In 2005, the yellow oval was replaced by the "double-lemon" symbol over the I.


2006-2009 (North America)

Sprite logo


Sprite logo2

In 2009, Sprite jazzed up the logo once again, the font changes, added the silver border and the "double-lemon" was redesigned. The "splash" was used in the United States and Canada in 2009-2010 and internationally since 2009. The "splash" may vary across the countries.


New sprite logo

In early 2015, they changed their logo once again, but keeping the redesign except the lemons on the top were removed and the color was white.

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