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Sparbanken Finn as a Swedish savings and loan bank based in southern Sweden. It was created in 1990, through a merger of Lundabygdens Sparbank and Eslöv-Onsjö Sparbank. The various banks that preceeded have a history which stretches back to 1833.

It was briefly known as Sparbanken Lund Eslöv until 1991, when it changed to its current name, after "Finn the Giant", a statue in the Lund Cathedral.[1]


Sparbanken Finn

The Swedish savings and loan banks have a long tradition of sharing a similar visual identity.

When Föreningssparbanken was formed in 1997, Sparbanken Finn decided to break free from the national organisation and continue as an independent regional bank. Although a new visual identity was developed for the savings banks, Sparbanken Finn chose to keep the old logo.

In 2010, Sparbanken Finn is merging with Sparbanken Gripen to form Sparbanken Öresund.

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