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Sky Sports Extra


Sky Sports Extra 2000

In March 1999, Sky Sports 4 was launched as Sky Sports Extra coinciding of Sky Digital's launch of October 1998.


Sky Sports Extra 2003

On 2002, Sky Sports Extra underwent a major change, thus adding new fonts to it, and changing the color of "Extra" from black to blue, although it kept the 1998-2007 color scheme.

Sky Sports Xtra


Sky Sports Xtra 2005

In 2004, Sky Sports Extra was renamed "Sky Sports Xtra". Still, it used the 1998-2007 colour scheme.


Sky Sports Xtra 2007

In 2007, Sky Sports Xtra got a new logo, the colours were switched, and the 'Sports' red rectangle was widened to fit Xtra in a handwritten script next to it.

Sky Sports 4



On 2010, Sky Sports Xtra was finally renamed as Sky Sports 4. It also gained the ability to have an HD simulcast.


Sky Sports 4 2015

Temporary branding

Sky Sports Ryder Cup


Sky Sports Ryder Cup

During the Ryder Cup, from 18 September to 12 October 2014, Sky Sports 4 will temporally be renamed Sky Sports Ryder Cup.

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