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In 1993, Six Flags Theme Parks, inc. heavily changed its logo's type font. This logo also introduces the blue-colored banner, featuring six white flags.

Six Flags 1996-1998 logo
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In 1998, Six Flags Theme Parks, inc. modified their logos by replacing the blue banner with a black exclamation point. The flags were also colorized. This was an early prototype of the logo we came to know in love with today.


1999–present, 1999-2004

In 1999, the logo was heavily modified. The Six Flags typefont was bolded and italicized and the exclamation point became red and polygonal and was placed on top of the typefont.

Six Flags 1998


In 2005, the chain placed the exclamation point in between the words "Six" and "Flags."

Six Flags logo


The 2015 logo only added a subtle change: the flags are shaded and are flapping about their ways.

New Six Flags logo

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