The logo that was used for iOS 5 and 6.

The microphone glows purple depending on the volume a person is speaking at.



The logo that was used for iOS 7 and 8.

The style became simplified and removed all colors, only using white and gray.

2015–2016 (iOS)

Siri icon on iOS 9

The logo that was used for iOS 9.

The outer ring removed and now has a purple gradient background.

2016-2017 (iOS)

Siri icon on iOS 10

The logo that was used for iOS 10.

The microphone was removed and replaced with audio waves, similar to the ones found when using Siri since iOS 9.

2016–present (macOS)

This logo is used in macOS Sierra.

A circular version of the one used in iOS 10.

2017-present (iOS)

Siri icon on iOS 11

The upcoming logo that will be used for iOS 11.

The waves were removed and was replaced with a bubble using the same colors, which is found when using Siri, and animated when waiting for a command.