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Showcase Australia

When the Showtime brand (as well as Movie Network) was discontinued on Foxtel in 2012 and replaced with Foxtel Movies, the spinoff brand Showcase stayed as a channel for new TV serieses, primarily from HBO. This is especially true considering Showcase is Australia's sole legal broadcaster of Game of Thrones. This led Foxtel to give the channel the tagline 'The Home of HBO' whenever a show from HBO is featured.


Showcase Foxtel logo

In September 2016, Showcase replaced their Showtime-era branding with a clean logotype set in Helvetica to sever their final links to the long-defunct movie network. This change also comes on the eve of sister channel SoHo being replaced by Binge, meaning Showcase will inherit a large portion of SoHo's lineup, including SoHo's original productions Wentworth and A Place to Call Home.

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