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Shin Nihon Kikaku


Shin Nihon Kikaku Logo

Shin Nihon Kikaku is Japanese for New Japan Project.

SNK: Shin Nihon Kikaku Corp.



Since 1982, it is now widely known as SNK, but the full name was still present altogether until 1987, when it was dropped.


SNK 1985

This is the same as the previous logo albeit the "SNK" wordmark is in its current blue color and "LEISURE SYSTEM" is removed from the "swishy" S on the left of the logo and the box behind it is white instead of black.


1987–2003, 2016–present



In 1987, the full name was officially removed from the bottom of the logo and was officially became simply SNK. The font of the company was changed into what it is today. The blue color was temporarily changed back to its red color during the period.

1990–2003, 2016–present


As of 1990, the logo is now known as what the company is today. The blue color of the wordmark returned and the "swishy" S is now fully removed for good since 1978. The company ditched the Playmore title in 2016 to refocus on pushing their gaming heritage in the modern gaming era, nearing the current company's 15th anniversary. They have also reinstated the SNK slogan 'The Future is Now'.

SNK Playmore


SNK Playmore logo

After they reacquired the assets of the original SNK brand, the company changed its name to SNK Playmore.

But later, SNK merged with Playmore in 2016 and the Playmore has shredded away.

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