Sci Fi Channel


Sci Fi 2002
Despite sharing the branding of the American Sci Fi, the Australian Sci Fi Channel was majority owned and operated by TV1 General Entertainment, who also managed TV1. Sci Fi Channel boasted different shows and scheduling to its American counterpart.




Sci Fi Channel was rebranded SF on 23 July, 2012 introducing both a new logo and on-air presentation created by Sydney firm Ink Project. The new logo was accompanied by a new primary tagline "we are sci fi" and a set of secondary taglines reading "we are [adjective]". By this point, the American Sci Fi (now known as Syfy) had not used the former branding for two years.

This identity would be short lived as Foxtel failed to secure a carriage deal with TV1 General Entertainment for 2014. With no other nation-wide subscription TV services, this meant SF was set to close. This included sister channel TV1, whose bandwidth was taken over by Foxtel-owned TV Hits. SF on the other hand was replaced from January 1, 2014 by an Australian branch of Syfy Universal, albeit removing the Universal brand.